Chain wheel DIN 766

Chain wheels DIN 766

With more than 110 years experience in manufacturing, Göpfert AG produces remote control parts for activating valves that cannot be purchased directly from the user. In former times these products were made under the company name of FFA Schulze.

The Göpfert chain wheels are not assembled on the standard operating device but in place of the standard operating device. In this way the stem of the valve will not be put under too much pressure through the weight of an addtional chain wheel.
A time-consuming adjustment of the chain wheel is also unnecessary.

By means of a direct assembly, the rotating movement and the maintenance-free operation of the Göpfert chain wheel are guaranteed. In the event of fastened screws loosening themselves, an anti-fall guard rope is also not necessary.

Göpfert AG can supply you with chain wheels according to your own requirements with various kinds of connections with rising or non-rising handwheels. Various connection types are possible, for example square-cut, multisided, straight or cone-shaped, flat designs, drilled holes with or without grooves.

The chain wheels come together with a chain leading device. The ensures the safe leading function of the operating chain.


You can get our chain gear in following designs:

  • for valves with rising stem and rising handwheel
  • for valves with rising stem and standing handwheel (the stem is rising through the handwheel)
  • ready for installation / machined or unmachined
  • various connection dimensions
  • intermediate sizes possible
  • with chain leading SK 1
  • for chain DIN 766 A5 / A6


  • chain wheel: cast iron
  • other parts: steel


  • Chain DIN 766 A5 / A6
  • Chain lock

Also it is possible to manufacture acc. to your drawings and deliver ready to installation.

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