FFA Schulze

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    Take a short look at our companies history:

    1842     Founding in East Berlin as a producer of lamps and laterns
                 made of sheet metal and main supplier for the post,
                 railway and navy

    1932     Founding of a branch in Hamburg, development and
                 production of articles for the shipbuilding industry

    1945     After the war the factory in Berlin was dispossessed by the
                 Soviet Government. Therefor only the branch in Hamburg
                 was remaining to FFA Schulze. The company specialiyed
                 their production in  mechanical remote controls for valves.

    1980     Move to the new production site at Weidenbaumsweg in

    1997     Sale of the company to Jens Barmwater, who became the
                 new managing director

    2000     Move in the production halls and offices to Weddingstedt
                 in the Industriestraße

    2001     Certification acc. to ISO 9001

    2009     Merger with Göpfert AG

    Göpfert AG

    Product line
    FFA Schulze

    D-25795 Weddingstedt

    Phone +49 (0)481 903 250
    Fax +49 (0)481 903 290



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    Your specialist in valves and fittings for industry and shipbuilding


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    Your specialist in tank measurement